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Holistic Development

A holistic approach teaching and learning is important for the physical, emotional, intellectual, creative, spiritual and social well-being of children and to develop them as well-rounded individuals.

At D.A.V. School, we lay emphasis on experiential and exploratory methods of learning, well beyond the classroom, as well as espouse the appreciation and practice of our school's values and attributes.

We constantly ensure that holistic approaches to teaching and learning are achieved in multiple ways - ongoing review of curricula, introduction of new subjects, the breadth of sports and co-curricular activities, and the regular upgrading of infra structural facilities and resources.

In the classroom, students present their work by way of presentations, role plays, small skits and impromptu debates. The students have many out-of-classroom activities and experiences such as theater, photography, film appreciation, music, robotics, football, cricket, tennis, basketball, taekwondo, and many more. Community service encourages children to understand the challenges faced by the less-privileged and sensitises them to the importance of being compassionate.

The School will introduced new subjects such as Global Perspectives and Theater Arts, constructed a full-fledged Centre for Performing Arts, re-developed the playground into an all-weather AstroTurf football field, and completely renovated the auditorium.