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Chairman Message

We all know there was no standard school for the children living in this remote rural area. Their talent could not be developed in absence of good educational institutions. We cannot leave the children wandering in village streets and ending the careers struggling and searching for good opportunities.

With Nobel object of providing quality and career oriented education to these helpless children, we in Gandhi-Ambedakar Educational Trust, decided to establish a D.A.V. School at Bhupatti, Babubarhi in Madhubani district.

Besides educating the children in modern science and arts we have carved a curriculum adding the teachings and ideas of Mahatma Gandhi and Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar about basic education. Educating the girl children and empowering them to win over the rising challenges in perplexed society, is one of our priorities Mahatma Gandhi had advocated

for an education system for - "drawing out the best of a child and man's body, mind and spirit."Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar had said - "education was the necessary precondition for the reconstruction of the society on the principles of equality and justice.

AND "I like the religion that teaches liberty, equality, justice and fraternity."Keeping in view the ideas of our great pioneers and the career challenges, the D.A.V. School provides education to make a child full of knowledge with a good character. We shape a child having great respect for our Nation and the democratic values of equality, justice, freedom, respect for human dignity and rights.

And also based on sensitivity, togetherness and increasing their knowledge to the better understanding of the world. We are committed to develop in their minds good moral character, moral and ethical values, positive thinking, helping attitude and social responsibilities. We want a positive change in our students and in the society because they are our future. It is also the prime duty of every parent, teacher and all concerned to grow the future generation to the best. Education is the back bone of our society. I pray God to provide us courage and strength to perform the above duty.

With Warm Regards
Dr. Bharati Mehta
Hon'ble Chairman