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Aim & Objective

The aim ofO.A.V.(OivyanshuAngloVedic)Schoot ïsto provide an environmentto a child tobring out the best in him. We want fQMilies toget involved with their children’s learning and help usto lay good foundations for the next educational steps.Anothergoalis to prepare the children of rural areas to meet the challenges of the 21stcentury.

This school is registered with Gandhi-AmbedkarEducatlonal Truat. Ourobjeclive lsto makaa child and thereby the village and society based on the dreams and ldeas of father of tha nation Mahatma Gandhi and Baba Bhivrao Ambedkar. It is the only way to develop a character based on democratic values of peace and brotherhood.

We know very well that the talent of students in our villagers was not developing in wanI of good schools. They are left wandering in the streets searching for an opportunity and meet a drastic future for no fault of their own.

The main ambition of this trust is to build a good and talented student with modern teaching and extracumcular activities to par excellence facing challenges on the world's diasporas. Only finding a job is not the mission of educat›on but to make a complete man.

D.A.V. School is proud to offer a strong academic as well as a complete extracurricular programmer to suit the various needs and interests of our students as arts, science and technology and develop their total personality on progressive lines with a comprehensive mental outlook and to develop self-confidence based on sound character so that they may lead successful lives.

The faulty education is one of the biggest causes behind breaking the families, neglect of parents and kin, especially by the students who achieved the highest careers due to sacrifices of the latter. We are committed to build up our students full of affection, sensitivity, character, high morale and responsibility to parents, family and society. We focus on discipline because a disciplined man can